quinta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2008

Informações LEN Competições Eurpeias

Mais algumas informações disponíveis relativas às Competições Europeias 2008-09.

  • Para visualizarem o Info Book basta carregarem aqui.
Chamo também a atenção para a informação relativa às inscrições de atletas nas Competições Europeias e que aqui transcrevo:
European Water Polo Club Cup Competitions - Season 2008/2009 – PLAYERS LIST
A new procedure has been implemented concerning the named entries, please be sure to follow the indications here below to complete successfully the player list form:
1) Fill the form online in all the requested areas.
2) Click on "Confirm" and a completed filled form will be generated automatically by the system.
3) The relevant form must be signed and sealed by the President or Secretary of the Club, and countersigned correctly by the President or General Secretary of the Federation together with the official stamp.
In case of any assistance you may need please contact len@lenoffice.it

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